Beating cigarettes with e liquid

I started smoking cigarettes in high school. I can still remember the buzz it gave me. It was like nothing I had experienced in my life. It was love at first smoke. I continued to smoke a pack a day for the next 13 years. My girlfriend and soon to be wife urged me to quit and after listening to it non stop for a year I decided I would consider it. I was not a fan of nicotine gum. I chewed it so hard the first day that by the next day I could barely open my jaw. I was sore. So on my way to work I stopped at the local Circle K for my usual cup of joe and pack of smokes. I got my coffee and went up to pay when I noticed something that hadn’t caught my eye before. It was a small disposable e cigarette with a price tag of $8.99. I contemplated it for a minute and decided I really should try and quit so I slid the e cig to the cashier. I tried it that day and although it was different I did not have the urge to kill anyone. So I considered it a success  The little e cig lasted me till the next morning and i had to buy another one. At 9 bucks a pop i soon realized that this was going to be unsustainable so when I got home that night I did some research and ordered my first real e cigarette that came with a charger and a few different e juices to try. I think I paid $69.99 for the kit. After the initial investment I have figured that it is about one dollar per day to puff on the e cig. That is an 8$ per day savings over disposables and four to five dollar savings vs smokes. I have now been smoke free for 6 months and have no intentions of going back. I used 18mg/ml e liquid for the first few months and now I’m down to 12 mg/ml and plan to move down again soon. If you want to quit i recommend trying an e cigarette i feel the healthiest i have in a long time and have a few more bucks in my pocket at the end of each day. For me (and my Wife) it has been much easier than cold turkey.

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